20+ Beer Status – Beer Quotes For Friends with DP Picture

Beer Status is popular amongst friends, Sharing some best Beer Quotes Status with DP Picture to share on Whatsapp. You can also check Funny Beer Status For Whatsapp on our blog StatusAdda.

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Beer Status For Whatsapp

1) Lovers Are Cold Water Enemies Are Salt Water Teachers Are Hot Water Parents Are Mineral Water But Friends Are Beer Bottle.

2) Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beer Holder.

3) Milk Is For Babies. When You Grow Up You Have To Drink Beer.

4) Beer Makes You Feel The Way You Ought To Feel Without Beer.

5) Give Me A Woman Who Loves Beer And I Will Conquer The World.

6) Beer, It’s The Best Damn Drink In The World.

7) He Was A Wise Man Who Invented Beer.

8) They Who Drink Beer Will Think Beer.

9) There Is No Such Thing As A Bad Beer. It’s That Some Taste Better Than Others.

10) My Idea Of Working Out Is Drinking Whiskey – Instead Of Beer.

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Beer Quotes For Freinds

11) Beer. Now There’s A Temporary Solution.

12) I’m Gaining Weight The Right Way: I’m Drinking Beer.

13) I Look Like The Kind Of Guy Who Has A Bottle Of Beer In My Hand.

14) I Love Football And Beer And Have A Normal Girlfriend.

15) Drinking Beer Is Easy. Trashing Your Hotel Room Is Easy. But Being A Christian, That’s A Tough Call. That’s Rebellion.

16) Making New Petroleum Should Be As Simple And Straightforward As Brewing Beer.

17) My Playground Is Full Of Moonshine, Mason Jars, Beer Bottles, And Bonfires.

18) Beer Is The Danish National Drink, And The Danish National Weakness Is Another Beer.

19) I’m A Big Root Beer Guy.

20) God Has A Brown Voice, As Soft And Full As Beer.

21) Note, That Yeast Of Good Beer, Is Better Then That Of Ale.