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Bachelor Quotes or Bachelorette Sayings is popular amongst those who are bachelor. Sharing some cute bachelorette sayings and bachelor status for whatsapp with dp picture and image to share and download. Earlier we shared some Funny Crush Status and Ego Status on our blog for your reading.

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Bachelor Quotes Status DP Picture

Top 10 Bachelor Quotes and Bachelorette Sayings

To All Bachelors Who Are Getting Married, Please Remember… In Marriage You Can Do Anything But Not Everything!

A Bachelor’s Life Is A Fine Breakfast, A Flat Lunch, And A Miserable Dinner – Francis Bacon

A Bachelor Is A Man Who Comes To Work Each Morning From A Different Direction – Sholom Aleichem

A Bachelor’s Life Is No Life For A Single Man – Samuel Goldwyn

A Bachelor Is A Man Who Never Makes The Same Mistake Once – Ed Wynn

Marrying An Old Bachelor Is Like Buying Second-hand Furniture – H. Jackson Brown, Jr

Every Politician Should Have Been Born An Orphan And Remain A Bachelor – Lady Bird Johnson

A Bachelor Never Quite Gets Over The Idea That He Is A Thing Of Beauty And A Boy Forever – Helen Rowland

A Bachelor Of Arts Is One Who Makes Love To A Lot Of Women, And Yet Has The Art To Remain A Bachelor – Helen Rowland

I Love ‘the Bachelor!’ Yeah, All People Love ‘the Bachelor – Brittany Snow

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