10 Funny Husband Wife Jokes Status Messages

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Funny Husband Wife Jokes Status Messages

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Top 10 Funny Husband Wife Jokes
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A Wife Is Cute When She Is Mute And A Husband Is Honey When He Gives Money!

My Prince Is Not Coming On A White Horse… He’s Obviously Riding A Turtle, And Definitely Lost.

Some Relationships Are Like Tom And Jerry, They Argue And Disagree All The Time, But They Still Can’t Live Without Each Other.

Some People Walk Into Our Lives And Leave Footprints On Our Hearts. Others Walk Into Our Lives And We Want To Leave Footprints On Their Face!

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Give Me A Photo Of You So I Can Show Santa What I Want For Christmas.

People Say You Can’t Live Without Love, But I Think Oxygen Is More Important.

My Wife Told Me The Other Day That I Don’t Take Her To Expensive Places Any More, So I Took Her To The Gas Station.

I Love Being Married. It’s So Great To Find That One Special Person You Want To Annoy For The Rest Of Your Life.

Today I Saw Something Through A Store Window That Was Truly Stunning, Beautiful And Sexy. I Wanted To Get It For You, But Then I Realized It’s My Own Reflection!

When You See A Married Couple Walking Down The Street, The One That’s A Few Steps Ahead Is The One That’s Mad.

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