Happy Status For Whatsapp – Happy DP Image & Picture

Happy Status DP Whatsapp

Happy Status For Whatsapp

Happy Status for whatsapp read by those who want to express his or her Happy Life Status with others. So after Funny Whatsapp Status and Happy Birthday Status for whatsapp and facebook, today we are sharing some best happy status or quotes with dp image and pictures to share and download.

Top 10 Happy Status For Whatsapp

1. Be Happy For This Moment. This Moment Is Your Life. Omar Khayyam

2. Happiness Is A Choice. You Can Choose To Be Happy. There’s Going To Be Stress In Life, But It’s Your Choice Whether You Let It Affect You Or Not. Valerie Bertinelli

3. The Most Important Thing Is To Enjoy Your Life – To Be Happy – It’s All That Matters. Audrey Hepburn

4. Think Of All The Beauty Still Left Around You And Be Happy. Anne Frank

5. Life Is Like A Roller Coaster, Live It, Be Happy, Enjoy Life. Avril Lavigne

6. It’s Easy To Impress Me. I Don’t Need A Fancy Party To Be Happy. Just Good Friends, Good Food, And Good Laughs. I’m Happy. I am Satisfied. I’m Content. Maria Sharapova

7. I Am Happy Because I’m Grateful. I Choose To Be Grateful. That Gratitude Allows Me To Be Happy. Will Arnett

8. If You Want Others To Be Happy, Practice Compassion. If You Want To Be Happy, Practice Compassion. Dalai Lama

9. I Believe That God Put Us In This Jolly World To Be Happy And Enjoy Life. Robert Baden-powell

10. The Purpose Of Our Lives Is To Be Happy. Dalai Lama

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Happy Life Status

11. To Be Happy We Must Not Be Too Concerned With Others. Albert Camus

12. No Matter How Bad Things Are, You Can At Least Be Happy That You Woke Up This Morning. D. L. Hughley

13. The Time To Be Happy Is Now, And The Place To Be Happy Is Here. Robert Green Ingersol

14. If I Am Happy In My Personal Life, I Will Be Happy In My Profession. Antoine Griezmann

15. We’re Only Here For So Long. Be Happy, Man. You Could Get Hit By A Truck Tomorrow. Timothee Chalamet

16. Be Happy With What You Have And Are, Be Generous With Both, And You Won’t Have To Hunt For Happiness. William E. Gladstone

17. I Know I Will Never Be Happy, But I Know I Can Be Gay! Marilyn Monroe

18. I Don’t Want To Be Stinky Poo Poo Girl, I Want To Be Happy Flower Child. Drew Barrymore

19. If You Can Do What You Do Best And Be Happy, You’re Further Along In Life Than Most People. Leonardo Dicaprio

20. Above All, I Want To Be Happy, And At Barcelona, I’m Happy. Neymar

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Happy Quotes For Facebook

21. If You Can Do What You Do Best And Be Happy, You’re Further Along In Life Than Most People. Leonardo Dicaprio

22. If Only We’d Stop Trying To Be Happy We’d Have A Pretty Good Time. Edith Wharton

23. I Hope Children Will Be Happy With The Books I’ve Written, And Go On To Be Readers All Of Their Lives. Beverly Cleary

24. Until You Are Happy With Who You Are, You Will Never Be Happy Because Of What You Have. Zig Ziglar

25. I’m Not Really The Party Person. I Don’t ‘become Myself’ Once I’m Drunk. I Don’t Use Alcohol To Be Happy. Jessie J

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Some More Happy Status For Whatsapp

26. I Want The People Of The Philippines To Be Happy, Even If They Have Nothing. Manny Pacquiao

27. A Man Can Be Happy With Any Woman, As Long As He Does Not Love Her. Oscar Wilde

28. Men Can Only Be Happy When They Do Not Assume That The Object Of Life Is Happiness. George Orwell

29. You Can’t Be Happy By Doing Something Groovy. Bob Dylan

30. Not One Of Us Can Rest, Be Happy, Be At Home, Be At Peace With Ourselves, Until We End Hatred And Division. John Lewis

31. Be Happy….Not Because Everything Is Perfect… But, Because You Choose To Focus On The Perfect Moments..

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