Jain Kshamavani Diwas or Samvatsari (Forgiveness Day) Whatsapp Status Messages

Samvatsari or Kshamavani is a day of forgiveness in Jain tradition. After 10 days of paryushan parv or das lakshan parv Kshamavani is celebrated as Uttam Kshama Parv or annual forgiveness festival. In Jain tradition every member wish Micchami Dukkadam to his or her friends, relatives, and begs pardon of them for all mistakes committed knowingly or unknowingly in the year.

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We put below some Kshamavani Divas (Forgiveness Day) Whatsapp and Facebook Status Messages to share with your friends and relatives on this holy festival.

Besh Kshamavai Whatsapp Status Messages

  • Knowingly or unknowingly, by action or speech, words or deeds, If I have ever hurt you, then with humble heart folded hands UTTAM KSHAMA.
  • By our deeds,words or behaviour if we have hurt you and your feelings, then we bow down to you with folded hands for forgiveness with true feelings and no malice on this day of KSHMAWANI.
  • To err is human nature but to realise it is human quality. It is only jainism which provides us a day to wash-out bitter experience of past with UTTAM KSHAMA. So, please, with the soft corner of yout heart pardon me for all the mistakes occured in the last year through me.
  • On the day of UNIVERSAL FORGIVENESS, I sincerely apologize for all my deeds, words, or imperceptibly which might have hurt you. Please forgive and forget. UTTAM KSHAMA.
  • Anytime, anywhere in any situation,if ever we said somthing wrong which hurts you. So from we deep hearted we bow and express UTTAM KSHAMA.

Best Uttam Kshama or Samvatsari Whatsapp Status

  • Jane anjane mein hamare dwara hui bhulo ke liye hum hriday se dono hath jodkar kshama prathi hai.UTTAM KSHAMA.
  • We do not take a minute to hurt Someones’s feelings But Sometimes We Take Years To Say Sorry. We Seek ‘KSHMA-YACHNA from everyone whom we have hurt knowingly Or unknowingly by our thoughts, words, deed acts or body. On this Universal Forgiveness day of KSHAMA-WANI.
  • Jane Anjane me hum se koi bhul hui ya Humne apka dil dukhaya ho to Man, Vachan, Kaya se “UTTAM KSHAMA”.
  • Asking Forgiveness an forgiving is an attribute which leads us grow beyond limits…On this Savantsari, I ask forgiveness for all my wrong deeds that hurted you in any ways and clear my heart for my bitter thoughts I had inculcated for you. MICCHAMI DUKKADAM.
  • Chamabhav rakhte hue ‘PARYUSHAN’ mahaparva par hum aapse Mann, Vachan, aur Kaay se, “CHAMA YACHNA” Karte Hai. JAI JINENDRA!
  • “Bhul” se agar “Bhul” hogayi, to “Bhul” samazkar “Bhul” jana, Magar “Bhul Na” sirf “Bhul” ko, “Bhul” se hume mat “Bhul” jana. “UTTAM KSHAMA”.
  • Kar jate hai shararat kyuki thode shaitan hai hum kar dete hai galti kyuki insaan hai hum. Na Lagana humari bato ko kabhi dil se apko to pata hai kitne nadan hai hum. UTTAM KSHAMA.