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Today we are adding some nice Pissed Off Status messages and short quotes to share on Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter along with DP, Picture, Images or Wallpaper to share in image format too.

Pissed Off Status Messages Quotes Whatsapp Facebook

Pissed Off Status

Hold On, Let Me Go Get My Boots… The Bullshit Is Getting A Little Deep In Here.

Your Actions & Your Words Are What Destroyed Our Relationship. I Just Wanna To Say Thank You For All The

Heartache And Pain You Caused Me.

“Blow Me” Your Head Is So Far Stuck Up You’re Own Arse You Can Reach Round And Do It Yourself!!!

Is In “Go F… Yourself” Mode

Pissed Off Status For Whatsapp
One Day Your Gonna Realize What You’ve Done To Us. I Tried To Warn You, But You Didn’t Want To Listen To Me, Now Its Me Who Doesn’t Care Anymore.

I’m A Lover, Not A Fighter…until You Mess With One Of My Best Friends! I Will Beat A Bitch!!!

Its Just One Of Those Days. I’m Just In One Of Those Moods. You Know The One: Oh You Don’t Know Well F… You! Get It Now?

If You Don’t Like Me, Just Tell Me. Instead Of Talking Shit Behind My Back!!!

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Pissed Off Status Quotes
Has Anyone Ever Made You So Mad All You Wanted To Do Was Choke Them So Hard That You Leave Your Thumb Print On The Back Of Their Throat?

You Know What!? I Am Tired Of Your Bull Shit, Please Take It Somewhere Else Before I Give You A Coupon For A Free Ass Whooping Courtesy Of Me..

Have You Ever Had That Feeling Like U Could Break Through A Wall, Your So Mad? Yeah Now Is One Of Those Times, So Back Off Bitch!

Pissed Off Status Massage
Was Wondering When You Were Going To Get Off That Horse Cause You Look Like An Asshole

True Happiness Is Seeing Your X On The Back Of A Milk Carton. I’m Just Saying..

Thinks That If People Want To Act Retarded You Should Be Perfectly Within Your Right To Pick Up A 2×4 And Make Then That Way For Real!!