Revenge Quotes and Bible Sayings about Revenge

Revenge Quotes are here for you, In this post you will get quotes about revenge, hamlet revenge quotes, best revenge quotes, quotes on revenge, revenge of the nerds quotes, bible quotes about revenge and by many other legends and authors.

Revenge Quotes and Sayings Picture

Revenge Quotes and Sayings Picture

Top Revenge Quotes and Revenge Sayings By Legends

The Best Revenge Is To Move On, Get Over It, And Continue To Succeed Never Give Someone The Satisfaction Of Watching You Suffer!

Survival Was My Only Hope, Success My Only Revenge. Patricia Cornwell

While Seeking Revenge, Dig Two Graves – One For Yourself. Douglas Horton

If You Prick Us Do We Not Bleed? Iff U Tickle Us Do We Not Laugh? If Youu Poison Us Do We Not Die? And If You Wrong Us Shall We Not Revenge? William Shakespeare

The Best Revenge Is To Be Unlike Him Who Performed The Injury. Marcus Aurelius

Gorgeous Hair Is The Best Revenge. Ivana Trump

The Best Revenge Is To Live On And Prove Yourself. Eddie Vedder

Revenge Is An Act Of Passion; Vengeance Of Justice. Injuries Are Revenged; Crimes Are Avenged. Samuel Johnson

To Be Angry Is To Revenge The Faults Of Others On Ourselves. Alexander Pope

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Revenge And Retaliation Always Perpetuate The Cycle Of Anger, Fear And Violence. Coretta Scott King

Man Must Evolve For All Human Conflict A Method Which Rejects Revenge, Aggression And Retaliation. The Foundation Of Such A Method Is Love. Martin Luther King, Jr

There Is No Revenge So Complete As Forgiveness. Josh Billings

A Man That Studieth Revenge Keeps His Own Wounds Green. Francis Bacon

Revenge Is Sweet And Not Fattening. Alfred Hitchcock

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