25+ Funny Beer Status For Whatsapp – Funny Beer Quotes

Funny Beer Status to share on Whatsapp to make you laugh, Share these best beer status for whatsapp and beer status for facebook with your friends to spread laughter. We do hope these Funny Beer Quotes will be the best collection to make your day.

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Funny Beer Status for Whatsapp and Funny Beer Quotes

Friends Bring Happiness Into Your Life, Best Friends Bring Beer!

Beer Is Now Cheaper Than Gas, Do Drink, Don’t Drive!

A Drunk Man Never Tells A Lie.

I Drink To Make Other People More Interesting.

Lips That Touch Liquor Touch Other Lips Quicker…

Everybody Has To Believe In Something. I Believe I’ll Have Another Drink.

I Use To Think Drinking Was Bad, So I Stop Thinking

I Drink Because I Work, I Work So I Can Drink.

Good Friends Make The World Go Round, But Good Beer Makes The Room Go Round.

Money Can’t Buy You Happiness But It Can Buy You Beer.

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Drink To Forget But Never Forget To Drink!

When I Drink Alcohol…everyone Says I’m Alcoholic But When I Drink Fanta…no One Says I’m Fantastic.

I Swear To Drunk I’m Not God.

The Doctors Found Some Blood In My Alchohol Stream.

I Don’t Have A Drinking Problem, It’s You Who Have A Problem With My Drinking.

Drink Triple, See Double, And Act Single.

A Drunk Mans Words Are A Sober Mans Thoughts.

This May Be The Beer Talking, But I Love Beer.

I’m Only Here For One… Better Make It A Pitcher.

Alcohol May Be Man’s Worst Enemy, But The Bible Says Love Your Enemy.

Never Drink On An Empty Head

The Drunk Tongue Speaks For The Sober Heart

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