Top 10 Slogan on World Aids Day with Posters and Images

Slogan on Aids Day with posters and images to download and share awareness about World Aids Day on 1st December. These World Aids Day Slogan are in both picture and text format to spread awareness about this deadly desease. Earlier in slogan category we shared some nice Clean India Slogans and Slogan on Junk Food on our site.

Top 10 Slogan on World Aids Day
with Posters and Images

slogan on world aids day poster

(1) You Can’t Get Aids From A Hug Or A Handshake Or A Meal With A Friend.

(2) World Aids Day Slogan 2018 – Small Aids To Individuals, Large Aid To Masses.

(3) Hiv/Aids Has No Boundaries.

(4) The Aids Is A Disease That Is Hard To Talk About.

(5) This Aids Stuff Is Pretty Scary. I Hope I Don’t Get It.

(6) World Aids Day Awareness Slogans – Give A Child Love, Laughter And Peace, Not Aids.

(7) If You Judge People You Have No Time To Love Them.

(8) My Son Has Died Of Aids.

(9) I Know One Man Who Was Impotent Who Gave Aids To His Wife And The Only Thing They Did Was Kiss.

(10) Best Slogan On World Aids Day – Aids Is An Absolutely Tragic Disease. The Argument About Aids’ Being Some Kind Of Divine Retribution Is Crap.

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