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Best Mind Body And Soul Quotes & Body Soul Whatsapp Status

Put Your Heart, Mind, And Soul Into Even Your Smallest Acts. This Is The Secret Of Success. Swami Sivananda

Try To Keep Your Soul Young And Quivering Right Up To Old Age. George Sand

A Beautiful Woman Delights The Eye; A Wise Woman, The Understanding; A Pure One, The Soul. Minna Antrim

Character Cannot Be Developed In Ease And Quiet. Only Through Experience Of Trial And Suffering Can The Soul Be Strengthened, Ambition Inspired, And Success Achieved. Helen Keller

Let My Soul Smile Through My Heart And My Heart Smile Through My Eyes, That I May Scatter Rich Smiles In Sad Hearts. Paramahansa Yogananda

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Being Sexy Is All About Attitude, Not Body Type. It’s A State Of Mind. Amisha Patel

Take Care Of Your Body. It’s The Only Place You Have To Live. Jim Rohn

To Keep The Body In Good Health Is A Duty… Otherwise We Shall Not Be Able To Keep Our Mind Strong And Clear. Buddha

Physical Fitness Is Not Only One Of The Most Important Keys To A Healthy Body, It Is The Basis Of Dynamic And Creative Intellectual Activity. John F. Kennedy

You Don’t Have A Soul, U Are A Soul…You Have A Body, Temporarily!

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