Top 10 Weird Status for Whatsapp – Weird DP Images and Photos

Weird Status for whatsapp and weird dp images photos and pictures to download and share on facebook and whatsapp. These funny weird quotes are in both text and pics format to share. You can also check some Funny Status on our site.

Top 10 Weird for Whatsapp
Weird DP Images

weird status dp images

(1) I’m Weird, Am I? Then Did You Know That Weird Just Means Different, And Different Means Unique, And Unique Is Special? So Thanks For The Compliment !!

(2) Shhhhh The Voices In My Head Are Sleeping & They Get Angry If I Wake Them Up…!!

(3) Just Saw The Devil On Their Shoulder Drop Kick Their Angel Off, This Cant Be Good…

(4) Why Is “Live” Backwards “Evil” & “Lived” Backwards “Devil” ?

(5) We’re All Weird, And Life’s A Little Weird. Someday, We All Find Someone Whose Weirdness Is Compatible With Ours, Fall In Mutual Weirdness, And Call It Love…!!!

(6) Did Not Lose Their Mind…!!!

(7) Says “Please Do Not Disturb, I’m Already Quite Disturbed”…

(8) You Never Know How Bad It Hurts Until It Happens With You…

(9) I Like When Peopel Call My Name And At The End They Put Three…

(10) Best Weird Status – In Life I Am The Fruit Loop In The Bowl Of Cheerios, But At Least I Am Interesting…

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